Hair transplant

Worldwide, about 60% of men and 50% of women experience hair loss problems. To address this, some people often use over-the-counter products, others prefer more efficient hair regrowing options, such as a hair transplant.MedEssentially has put in place a rigorous selection process for hair transplant clinics and picked TOP-100 the best clinics worldwide according to indicators such as:

              • Patients' review
              • Number of hair transplant performed annually
              • Accreditations (ISO, JCI, ICHRS)
              • Awards received
              • Additional services provided to international patients (airport pick-up, hotel, translation services)
              • Cost-performance ratio

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Why MedEssentially?

  • We are a British company located in Central London.
  • Patients do not need to pay us. The only payment patients make is direct to the clinic.
  • Our team visited a lot of plastic surgery clinics worldwide to choose the best ones.
  • Sent quotes not only help you decide on the most budget-friendly to avoid overspending but also gives you safer options.
  • We make it all simple by just filling our quote form here without forgetting to state the requested treatment and any other information you deem fitclinic.

Once you compared the clinics and made your choice, MedEssentially will organise a video-call between you and your potential doctor. As soon as you are happy with your choice and ready to book your hair transplant procedure, MedEssentially will assist you in organising your medical trip from A to Z.

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