More Tourists Enjoying Dental Holidays As Standards Continue To Rise Overseas

As private dental surgery becomes increasingly expensive in the UK and Ireland, more people than ever are travelling abroad to take advantage of lower costs for private dental work in overseas locations, sometimes enjoying a holiday while getting their dental treatment abroad. Even when the costs of flights and accommodation is included, the cost of treatment such as dental implants or teeth whitening abroad is still considerably less than what it would cost in the UK or Ireland.

As much as 70% cheaper for dental implants overseas

For instance, the price of a single tooth implant currently costs in excess of £2000 in the UK while for dental implants, Hungary works out around £700 per tooth. When it comes to dental implants, Turkey is also proving to be popular, given its location as an appealing holiday destination.

In Budapest or dental work, such as root canal treatment ranges from €58-€85, while in Turkey, most dentists in Istanbul offer the service for under €80. These are significant reductions based on UK pricing. What’s more, many overseas dentists offer free consultations to attract customers. See further examples of how cosmetic dentistry abroad can save patients hundreds, or even thousands of pounds, based on UK prices.

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More services, better treatment

More patients are discovering too that overseas clinics are becoming better equipped and offering more choice when it comes to services. For veneers abroad, prices have become particularly competitive as more dental surgeries offer these types of services.

In many cases, you can benefit from treatment that’s superior to what is offered in the UK as practices invest in the latest dental technologies to win new business. Best of all, patients won’t experience the lengthy waiting times that currently exist in the UK or Ireland.

Finding the right dentist is easier than ever

In fact, dental treatment abroad has become so popular that a new online service has been to help those seeking dental work overseas to find the best clinic for their specific needs. MedEssentially has made it much faster and more convenient for patients to find the dental work they need at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, many of these clinics are in attractive tourist locations where patients can spend a few days relaxing before or after treatment.

While MedEssentially helps people find clinics that specialise in a range of medical and cosmetic surgery, dental surgery is where patients can save most. Cosmetic dentistry abroad can be 50-70% cheaper in countries such as Hungary, Turkey, Spain and Israel.

The choice is yours

With MedEssentially, you simply input the details of the treatment you require here. A day or two later, you’ll receive an email with a selection of the best options. After that, you get to decide which clinics are best for the type of treatment you’re looking for, which have the best flight options and which are close to resorts where you’d like to stay.

It’s recommended that you have an online consultation with your potential dentist before you make your decision. Some clinics specialise in certain services and it’s a good idea to research reviews and testimonials online.When it comes to costs, don’t forget to account for flights, accommodation, food and travel insurance. Don't forget the main benefit of dental tourism - apart for the cost you will be able to enjoy a relaxing holiday and have the time to recover fully from your surgery.

MedEssentially makes sourcing dental treatment abroad easier than ever, so why wait any longer?

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