Cosmetic Surgeries

Plastic Surgery

1. What Are The Most Popular Procedures

There is a plastic surgical treatment for almost all parts of the body. But the most requested by patients include:

· Rhinoplasty (also known as nose job) corrects and reconstructs nasal functions and appearance.

· Breast Augmentation, usually ordered by women, is used to increase breast size, change the shape, and manipulate its texture.

· Hair transplantation most ordered by men is used to remove hair follicles from a hair donor area (the back of the scalp)to implant in another part of the body such as balding part of the head (the top and the back area of scalp)

· Liposuction is an effective method for removing fats from specific areas of the body such as buttocks and abdomen to retain/restore shape and youthful appearance.

· Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) for correcting eye region defects and misalignments to restore functions and/or beauty.

· Facelift (or Rhytidectomy) is used to remove and other ageing signs to rejuvenate an individual’s youthful look.

2. What is Nose Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most common cosmetic procedures and sometimes patients may be discharged in a day after the surgery. It is used to correct the size, shape and also restores nose function.Some of our plastic surgery clinic offer a noninvasive method – closed rhinoplasty that does not require a surgical cut, less swelling and bruising with quick recovery.

3. Is It Safe?

For patients that would be booking the treatment for abroad, the safety is not 100% guaranteed. There are more than 10000 clinics that provide plastic surgery procedures in Europe. Most of the patients usually decide on one based on the online review and how enticing their online advert is. To settle for the best, it is better to check the independent information and the reviews on different platforms and even request an online consultation to ask all of your bothering questions.

4. What Should I Pay Attention To When Choosing A Clinic Overseas?

Make sure you confirm their accreditation status, location, reviews, past work pictures.

5. What Should I Pay Attention To When Choosing A Surgeon?

To ensure your safety and optimal result from your surgery, it is important to carefully choose your surgeon based on;

a. Certification

Ask and confirm if he/she is board certified. This is important because doctors with general surgery or cosmetic related medical training may decide to advertise surgical procedures like rhinoplasty, hair transplant, breast implant, and others since they are in high demand.

b. Experience

The skills for different cosmetic surgery differ. For instance, the required methodology for cosmetic eye surgery where a doctor deals with parts like eyebrows (hair and skin), bones and the tear gland will be different from the procedure for liposuction which deals with underlying tissues of the skin. That is why it is important to choose a plastic surgeon with years of experience in the treatment you require. Assess him/her with the following questions:

· How many years have you been treating patients in need of this procedure?

· How often in a month, year do you perform this type of procedure?

· Where and how did you train for the procedure?

· In simple terms, how can you explain this procedure to me?

c. Past Works Pictures

It is also important you see the picture of their past works (Before and After). Most of them will have it displayed on their sites but if they do not, request for it through their contacts. Also, notice how they handle your request, it is an assessment of how their service may look like too.

6. How Does The Payment Work?

Most of the time, the cost of your treatment will be influenced by the reputation of the provider. High-rated clinics in Turkey, for example, will charge you £1800- £3000 for a nose job.

You request a free Skype session or any other medium the company can have access to for enquiries. However, most of the clinics usually request for a down payment for confirmation of order. Since most patients are suspicious and inconvenient with this method, we instead agreed with most of the clinics to accept flight booking confirmations (airplane ticket photo) as proof. Using this method, you can pay your surgical fee when you get to the clinic overseas instead of paying beforehand.

7. What Is Included In The Package?

Patients who ordered through us usually benefit an on-time pick up from the airport and comfortable accommodation for 2-3 days. In case you are not familiar with the language, you will be assigned a translator for effective communication with all experts that will be involved in your treatment throughout the procedure ranging from the anaesthetist to the nurse and cosmetic surgeon.

8. What May Go Wrong?

Generally, irrespective of the country you will be getting plastic surgery treatment, some of the major complications that could occur include hematoma, nerve damage, scarring, appearance dissatisfaction, and blood loss. Our recommended experts are well trained and experienced; thus, a significant reduction in all of the likely complications. For appearance dissatisfaction, you can request for a free readjustment to get what you are really paying for.

9. Does The Quote Include Plane Tickets?

When you are given a quote for your requested procedure, please that it is exclusive of plane tickets fee. Patients are expected to sponsor themselves down to the clinic for treatment. It is likely you may need to purchase some prescriptions for aftercare treatment. Hence, it is advisable to factor such in your budget as they are different from the surgery charge.

10. Final Recommendation: How Can I Make The Best Decision?

It will be safest for UK citizens to send a request to a British registered medical tourism facilitator company. You can always find out rather the company is registered in the UK or not on Companies House Webcheck

You can send us your free request to compare 3 or more clinics’ quotes for your specific treatment. Fill the form and receive the quotes tailored for you in 24hrs – 48hrs.

After receiving the quotes, compare the information you received and press «Choose» button to contact the one you like the most.

After choosing the clinic, one of their staff will contact you directly to organize your Skype consultation with your future potential surgeon. At this stage, you will be provided with all the detailed information about your medical trip.

11. Why MedEssentially?

  • We are a British company located in Central London.
  • Patients do not need to pay us. The only payment patients make is direct to the clinic.
  • Our team visited a lot of plastic surgery clinics worldwide to choose the best ones.
  • Sent quotes not only help you decide on the most budget-friendly to avoid overspending but also gives you safer options.
  • We make it all simple by just filling our quote form here without forgetting to state the requested treatment and any other information you deem fitclinic.

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