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How can I send you my treatment request?
Due to send a treatment request online the client needs to fill the registration form, which appears after pressing GET FREE QUOTES button. Once you have sent us your request, MedEssentially starts tailoring the quotes.
What information will I receive in my quotes?
The treatment plan, estimate treatment cost, information about the clinic.
How much does it cost to get quotes?
Our service costs you nothing. We take your request and invite the best specialists in specific medical field to advise and quote for their work and answer any questions you may have about the process, free of charge!
What should I do after choosing my treatment quote?
After choosing a certain quote, the client either gets in touch directly with the clinic and the physician or uses MedEssentially's services including initial appointment booking, flight ticket reservation, assistance with visa documents, interpreter services, pick up service, hotel booking, air ambulance organizing and many others.
Do you accept foreign clients?
Yes, of course. We will take care of any patient from any part of the World.
What kinds of customers use Medessentially?
MedEssentially clients are those who value their time and search for quality treatment .