Breast plasty without complications and disappointment

Mammoplasty is a serious operation. To acquire beauty without risk to health, one should turn to proven clinics only.
All women are dreaming about the beautiful and lush bust. Flat and asymmetrical breasts sagging after breast-feeding can cause stress and self-doubt, as well as too large breasts break the harmony of the appearance and cause pain in the back and neck. A special case is the removal of the breast during an oncological disease and the need for its reconstruction. There is a solution - mammoplasty. However, to avoid disappointment with its result, it is necessary to choose the right clinic, the right doctor and implant. In addition, one should strictly follow the specialist's instructions so that the postoperative period went without complications.

Why mammoplasty?

People are rarely satisfied with their appearances. That nose is too big or the ears do stick out. For women, the condition of her breast is of particular importance. It happens that discontent with her bust becomes the cause of chronic stress. The owners of too large breasts suffer no less than those with too small breasts. It happens that the size suits her, but the breast is lowered due to anatomical features. After breast-feeding the mammary glands in many women not only get lowered, but also decrease in size. It is unlucky for a man if he has a hypertrophied breast (gynecomastia), which also requires medical intervention.

Contra-indications to having mammoplasty are oncological and infectious diseases, blood coagulation disorders, severe diseases of internal organs, as well as breast-feeding. This operation is not performed until the age of 18.

The breast plasty is performed under general anesthesia and can last from one and half to four hours. The patient should stop smoking and taking hormonal medications two weeks before the operation.

How is it performed?

Endoprosthetics is to increase the breast size and modify its shape, as well as to correct the asymmetry and eliminate the sagging. Special implants (prostheses) are used for this purpose.
The material they are made of is resistant to pressure and rupture, and the filler ensures keeping the shape and feeling of the natural tissue. Implants can stay in the woman's body for 15 to 20 years, but after this period expires it is better to replace them with the new ones. However, these days many clinics give a lifetime warranty for the implant. The incision is made either in the axillary area, in the nipple areola, or under the breast. Breast augmentation is a minimum invasive procedure, since the length of the incision is about three centimeters.

In case of the mammary glands hypertrophy and the need for the breast lift, an operation is performed to remove excess tissue and skin. This is not just a cosmetic surgery, but the prevention of a breast cancer and diseases of the musculoskeletal system (since the large breast causes tension of the back muscles and the spine deformation).

Recently, after a mastectomy, in the case of an oncological disease, one-stage reconstruction of it is done more often. At large hospitals with a million and over inhabitants, currently 8% of mastectomies is followed by reconstruction of the mammary glands.Another problem that requires prompt surgical intervention is an increase of the areola (pigmented skin around the nipple) and the nipple after breast-feeding. Currently, during the operation, microsurgical techniques are used, which allow preserving the mammary ducts and the breast-feeding capability in the future.

What is next?

If the operation went without complications, the patient is discharged on the second and, sometimes, on the third day. Moderate pain and swelling in the postoperative area are possible. The most discomfort is noticed with a large implant size and if the operation is performed through the axillary area. If the prosthesis is placed under the gland's muscle, the breast takes its final shape in 3 to 6 months.
There are several mandatory rules to avoid complications.
You can't have sex for a week.
Don't sleep on your side or stomach.
Do not take blood-thinning medications (aspirin, vitamin C, thrombolytics, etc.).
It is necessary to avoid physical activities, including lifting hands above your head (for one to two weeks, depending on the type of operation).
Do not drive until the pain is gone.
You can't sunbathe for a year.
Pregnancy is highly undesirable for a year after the operation, so care should be taken to ensure a reliable contraception.
The stitches are removed in a week. However, during the first two weeks it is necessary to carefully monitor your health condition, because there is a risk of infection, inflammation and bleeding. Swelling, as a rule, goes off on the second or third week, and then you need to move on to light physical activities. Especially it is recommended to walk, which prevents the formation of new swelling.

It is necessary to keep to a healthy diet, to reduce salt and fluid intake (to avoid swelling). You can't smoke (this significantly affects blood circulation and wound healing), you can't lose or gain weight. Women return to the usual lifestyle and do sports not sooner than in 2 to 3 months. The breast begins to feel as "own" in a year after operation, then you can get pregnant and breast-feed.

Please note: after having mammoplasty, for the first month, 24 hours a day, you need to wear special correction underwear, which the doctor will recommend. Then you move on to the elastic sports bras, which pull the breast. To the regular underwear you can return not sooner than in three months. However, until the mammary glands take their permanent shape, it is better to avoid bras with bones and push-ups and to give preference to underwear made of natural cotton.

Implants and Surgeons

With the advent of 3D modeling in medicine, the patient can see the result of the operation in advance. The surgeon will recommend the type of operation, implant and its size taking into account anatomical features: weight, height, chest width.

The breast prosthesis consists of a hermetically sealed silicone shell and filler. This can be silicone, saline or biocompatible gel. Each of them has its pros and cons.
The most popular are silicone implants. They are the safest and most comfortable, because they allow to get the shape of the mammary glands, as close as possible to the anatomical one. An alternative to silicone is a natural polymer made of cellulose. Its advantage is the ability to disintegrate in tissues for glucose, water and carbon dioxide and to be excreted from the body in case the implant shell is damaged.

Women with flat breasts are recommended to have anatomical (drop-shaped) endoprostheses. They have a completely natural look. The round breast implants are used when it is necessary to correct a large saggy breast.There is always a capsule formed around the prosthesis. This is a normal physiological reaction of the organism to the presence of a foreign body. Sometimes the capsule becomes very dense and compresses the tissue. This causes a complication, which is called a capsular contracture. To avoid this, the implant shell is made non-smooth, textured, in which the capsule grows without compression. Nowadays, implants with a polyurethane coating, which prevent the formation of a rough capsule and deformation, have become popular.

In any case, when choosing the implant, you should rely on the doctor's opinion, especially since the prices for high quality breast prostheses are approximately the same and range around 30 thousand rubles. It is not worth saving money on implants, as not only the look after the surgery but, what is more important, your health condition depends on their quality.

In the UK, the price for breast augmentation surgery starts from 5,500 euros,
in Turkey - 3,000 euros,
in Germany - from 5,200 euros,
France - from 4,000 euros,
in Israel - from 6,000 dollars,
whereas, the medical level can be approximately the same.

The reputation of the clinic and the service level play a great role in the formation of prices.
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When choosing a surgeon, it is worth paying attention to where he studied and trained (in what departments), as well as his/her surgery experience, it should be at least 7 years. The reputation of the clinic itself is also important. The successful result of the surgery depends both on the team, the equipment, and on good anesthetic provision.

To check the level of the clinic is quite easy: MedEssentially provides both contact information and a link to the official website together with the description of the clinic. Each of clinics provides medical services of the highest quality.


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