What is MedEssentially?

MedEssentially is a Medical Tourism Facilitator Company. We operate an international network of professional healthcare specialists. Our clients use MedEssentially to quickly search for specific medical field specialists to assist them with their requests. Read more on how it works here.

Why we created MedEssentially?

There are numerous Medical Tourism Agencies in the market. When developing our project, we noticed the impaired transparency and inadequate agency fees these agencies charge. That was why we decided to challenge Medical Tourism market by offering completely transparent, free from agency fees medical services live-search tool.

Another reason was to be as flexible as we can be. We offer full range of services and cover nearly every medical field. We closely collaborate with healthcare specialists in Germany, United Kingdom, Israel and Turkey. However, we have no ties to any of the medical specialists or clinics we work with - we promote unbiased search for the best medical professionals to suit your specific needs.

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