What is MedEssentially?
MedEssentially is an online service to find and organize treatment abroad
About us
The idea to establish MedEssentially came up when we came across with difficulties to find a doctor abroad. Notwithstanding the fact, that Internet provides a lot of information about doctors, each source describes the advantages of its own specialists, and there are so many of such specialists
Having analyzed all the information and feedbacks, we came to understanding that it would be useful to create an online platform, which would connect patients with doctors abroad directly, providing independent information about clinics and direct answers from doctors to the patient's request
We regularly receive proposals from various clinics around the world, but we choose only those partners, who have certificates of quality and international medical accreditations
5 000

We collaborate with more than 5 000 international doctors

1 000

We deal with more than 1 000 different diagnoses


7 main geographical directions

Why MedEssentially
Direct treatment proposals from international doctors
Free of charge
the Patient does not pay for receiving proposals and quotes
Patient choice
the Patient is always given a few proposals to choose from
Assistant available 24/7
Online assistants will answer all your questions
"The second opinion"
Confirmation of the diagnosis by the world experts
All information you share with us is kept in accordance with the disclosure requirements