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Alina Blinova
Russia Russia
We decided to get a second opinion from a medical experts overseas after being diagnosed with a serious condition in Moscow.We sent an inquiry and received 3 quotes within a day. Our choice fell on Germany. Fortunately, the diagnosis was not confirmed, and the consultant gave us some recommendations for further steps. Thank you Medessentially for your prompt action and your personal approach !
Russia Russia
My dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour. I realized that I shouldn’t lose time, so in my request, I described the diagnosis in detail, uploaded all the test results, and I wrote that we were looking for clinics with advanced technologies, and we didn’t want a surgery. The first answer came the next day - we were offered to have a repeated examination already in the clinic, and, if the diagnosis would be confirmed to have the CyberKnife treatment. Unfortunately, the diagnosis was confirmed and already the next day the Cyberknife surgical operation was carried out. One can hardly call it a surgery - there was no anaesthesia, no blood, no punctures, no cuts, or painful feelings. After the radiation therapy, another diagnostic was carried out. The tumour has significantly decreased, and we will continue treatment. Good health to all!
Olga Stignii
England England
I am a fitness instructor and I am dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. When several months ago I decided to get a full body check-up done, I found out that there is a huge queue in my local hospital. A friend of mine recommended me to compare some diagnostic clinincs in Germany on medessentially. As a result I received: high quality service, no queues, affordable cost, a new experince abroad - I couldn't have done better myself!
Ollie Ford
England England
I have a recommendation for those who are thinking about hair transplant: I received my quotes for hair transplant just in 2 days but it took almost 3 months for me to decide rather I want to go or not. Hair transplant actually is not a treatment and I used always to delay it. Finally, I had it done! I am absolutely happy with the result: I feel younger and more self-confident but I wish I didn't wait that long. As my doctor said: the more we wait, the more hair we loose from the donor area, the less hair we leave to transplant. If you are seriously thinking about having it done, just choose one of the quotes you have in your Personal Account on the website and ask Mary to organise your medical trip.
Katerina Shiyan
Russia Russia
I genuinely think MedEssentially is the best place to find a treatment abroad without overpaying. Many thanks guys for good job!
Elena Nurgalieva
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
I’m 20 years old. Since 4 years old I’d been suffering with ongoing cross-eyed condition. I’d been wearing glasses since I’m 5. Treatment using various devices didn’t help. Thanks to MedEssentially team who offered me the most suitable treatments in just 2 days. After making my choice they even helped me with booking the appointment much quicker than I would have myself. To be honest only after my treatment I feel confident every time I look in the mirror. Thank you, Medessentially!
Diana Scheel
France France
I probably don’t use this platform as intended, but here, in my account, I can store all medical documents, X-ray, MRI and ultrasound scans. It is very handy, wherever I am, they are always at my fingertips! I have even made a scan of my vaccination card and uploaded it here!
Anna Ovezova
Russia Russia
My father would like to thank MedEssentially and Chelsea and Westminster hospital staff. Now he can walk without limping and doesn`t feel any pain in his knee. He’s happy that MedEssentially offered him the best value quote for knee joint replacement. He would definitely recommend MedEssentially if you experience anything similar
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